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The globe that we live on has nourished and perished us time and again. Scientists and scholars have been trying to improvise methods to understand the behavior of our planet and its changes in the past to determine the future threats and opportunities. The science of geology deals with the past present and future existence of the earth. This field is marked out from the field of planetary science as it deals with our own planet and so is much more resourceful.

Allied fields of mining, exploration, ecology and ozone studies are very crucial at this moment when we are facing a huge stampede for resources. While lobbying concerns in mind for our only known refuge in the vast expanse of universe we are finding new ways to tap and use more resources from the earth with new innovations each day.

Geology is a high demand field for vast opportunities in positions including Explorer, Rock Mechanic, Mining Engineer, Geo Physics and Geo Chemistry Expert etc,. Students interested in adventure and the use of applied knowledge for the overall good of the plan.

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